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The Miss Universal Sue Tournament

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A tournament to determine who is the best Mary Sue of them all.
Click here to see the full bracket and a list of matches for Round 2! Remember to check back regularly to vote on new matches!


You know them. You hate them. You've mocked them in livejournal entries, MSTs, dramatic readings, and parody fics. You've read about them on Fandom Wank, marysues, and TV Tropes, and left concrit (or maybe just flames) for their creators. You probably even made a few when you were younger. They're Mary Sues. A much loathed, and occasionally celebrated, fact of fandom.

But which Mary Sue is the best (or worst, depending on your outlook)? Which spectacularly overpowered original fanfic character is the one to rule them all?

Let's find out, shall we?

Welcome to the community for
The Universal Royal Marie Suzette Sparkle Miss Invitational (but not really) Tournament of Sakuras
... or just "Miss Universal Sue" for short. (The full title wouldn't fit in any of the name fields.) This annual (hopefully) tournament pits Mary Sues and Gary Stus from a multitiude of fandoms against each other in order to determine who is really the One True Universal Queen (or King) of Sues.



How is the tournament run?
The tournament's format will depend on how many nominees there are. But for the most part, I plan for it to be a single elimination tournament similar to 2ch's yearly Saimoe tournament.

Do I need to join the community to nominate a character or vote?

What can I do to help this community?
Nominate characters, vote, pimp it, submit fanart and other stuff like that. If no one participates, there can't be a tournament.

HOW DARE YOU! My character is NOT a Mary Sue and I demand that you remove him/her from the tournament!
Okay. If your character isn't one, then they won't get very far in it, if this tournament works like it should.

What does the winner get?
Bragging rights mostly. If the creator knows about it and wants to use them that is.


Your emcee and number cruncher for this tournament/community is smsues.